How Much Does A 3D Video Cost?

Motion Graphic VideoYou are eager to utilize 3D Video for your business, that is the reason you are searching for an appropriate manual for comprehend 3D Video cost. This article features the cost of 3D Videos and the sort of recordings you can create. Appreciate perusing, How Much Does a 3D Video Cost?

Advids suggests, a 60-second video costs between $7,000 – $9,000. The 3D video cost relies upon style and extent of video creation benefit. At Advids, a 3D video cost begins at $1,000 and is the main 100% unconditional promise site video benefit accessible .

Now why don’t we have a look at these 20 Awesome 3D video examples :

GE Digital 3D Video

GE provides assistance to help industrial companies accelerate their growth and sustain digital industrial transformation. They help you embrace the opportunity of digital industrial transformation by equipping you with the latest technology solutions and a proven approach to getting started. The 3D Video shows how GE Digital is helping accelerate machine efficiency through entirely new ways through the Industrial Internet. Get GE Digital 3D video cost.


Google Drive 3D Video

Google Drive leads the way to access and work on your files. More than a cloud storage, you can edit documents too. Your files in Drive can be reached from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. So wherever you go, your files follow. The idea behind the 3D video is to provide a glimpse of Drive and the 3D video is visually impeccable. Get Google Drive 3D video cost.


Cognex 3D Video

Cognex Logistics solutions helps distribution centres to increase productivity and reduce labour costs is greater than ever. Cognex barcode readers offer solutions for many logistics applications, such as those used in automated sorting, hand sorting and bulk sorting. The 3D Video shows how Cognex solutions help companies cut costs, improve efficiencies and maximize. Get Cognex 3D video cost.


WBCSD 3D Video

WBCSD through their GHG Protocol Initiative works with governments, industry associations, NGOs, businesses and other organizations around the world to build credible, effective and robust GHG accounting and reporting platforms that serve as a foundation to address climate change. The 3D video highlights the need to control carbon emissions and introduces carbon capture and storage as an ideal solution. Get WBCSD 3D video cost.


Nationwide 3D Video

Nationwide is an insurance company that offers a robust set of life insurance policies to ensure financial security throughout your life. It helps you find the right insurance for your situation by allowing you to compare term, whole, universal and variable universal life insurance. You can make informed decision by using the insurance coverage calculator. The 3D infographic video details the importance and need of life insurance and how Nationwide can help you leverage them. Get Nationwide 3D video cost.


C.H. Robinson 3D Video

C.H. Robinson helps you manage logistics efficiently integrating complex planning, purchasing and delivering business decisions to transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage. You can benefit from their global logistics experts, proven industry processes and advanced technology to increase sales.The 3D Video shows how C.H Robinson can help you reach markets faster and more efficiently. Get C.H. Robinson 3D video cost.


Fibaro KeyFob 3D Video

Fibaro KeyFob universal remote enables you to control the lights, turn on the music, manage temperature, close the blinds and gates and even open the door. Its ergonomic and compact shape allow it to fit perfectly in your hand and pocket, while raised buttons allow for intuitive clicking. The 3d animated video shows why KeyFob is the remote for your home to manage smart devices. Get Fibaro KeyFob 3D video cost.


Nand Logic 3D Video

Nand Logic’s smart Helmet is intended for activities such as motorbiking, cycling or snowboarding. It features a forward-facing HD video camera for recording first-person footage on an onboard SD card. There’s also a rear-facing camera, the footage from which can be recorded for purposes such as insurance claims. The 3D video introduces you to the innovative features of Nand Logic’s Smart Helmet .Get Nand Logic 3D video cost.


ASICS MetaRun 3D Video

MetaRun is built using the latest ASICS exclusive technologies providing you with the best and first ever running shoe with a responsive ride. MetaRun is designed with human intelligence in mind and the drive for making the best long-distance runners shoe by ASICS and the ASICS Institute of Sport Science. The 3D video introduces the future of responsive running through MetaRun. Get ASICS MetaRun 3D video cost.


JP Morgan Chase 3D Video

J.P. Morgan Financial Advisors will help you prioritize your goals and develop an appropriate approach tailored for your situation. Together with a Banker, you’ll receive a powerful combination of banking and investment expertise to help ensure your money is working hard for you. The 3D Video talks about the commitment to building long-term relationships and partnering with you over time to help you achieve your important financial goals. Get JP Morgan Chase 3D video cost.


Toshiba TransferJet 3D Video

Toshiba TransferJet is a new wireless technology introduced by Toshiba, which allows the fast and easy transfer of digital content between portable digital products. TransferJet enables a high speed communication between products being located near to each other with up to 560Mbps. It can be implemented into final OEM products as well as enabled by after sales products such as USB sticks or SD cards. The 3D video highlights how TransferJet enables high speed wireless peer to peer communication with fast data transfer. Get Toshiba TransferJet 3D video cost.


Tesla Powerwall 3D Video

Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage solution that provides energy security during outages caused by utility company disruptions, natural disasters. the Powerwall is a compact, stackable and comes with a built-in inverter and integrates seamlessly with Tesla solar, enabling you to be your own independent utility and even disconnect from the grid if you like. The Tesla Powerwall 3D video shows how Powerwall can help you effectively store, manage and share clean energy. Get Tesla Powerwall 3D video cost.


Con Edison 3D Video

Con Edison is shifting energy needs with their smart grid solutions. They support customers generating their own energy and send excess power back to the grid. They are also enhancing reliability by finding problems on the grid and fixing them, faster. Smarter meters mean gathering better energy-use information so they can monitor the supply and anticipate difficult surges. Smart meters can interact directly with your home or building. The energy grid is ready to incorporate renewable solar and wind energy. The 3D video shows how Con Edison’s smarter grid supports electric-vehicle charging, which means less dependence on fossil fuels. Get Con Edison 3D video cost.


SRCL 3D Video

SRCL provides complete transport management services for the healthcare sector. With an extensive network of transport and disposal facilities across the UK, they provide a range of transport services to NHS trusts, GPs, dentists, pharmaceutical manufacturers, private sector businesses, research companies and many more. The 3D video illustrates the expertise, equipment and experience that SCRL has to meet the transportation needs of the healthcare sector. Get SRCL 3D video cost.


ABB 3D Video

ABB home automation solutions lets you control lights, air conditioning, heating and other appliances via mobile devices and desktops. Their solutions can be easily installed and operated helping you simplify your life. The 3D video demonstrates how ABB can help you seamlessly control all your equipments & devices. Get ABB 3D video cost.


Wave Purifier 3D Video

Wave Purifier Clean and freshen your air with the patented, multi-stage. It utilizes a highly rated HEPA filter for filtering particulates, a unique Ultra Violet superior purification, and multiple-processes to remove and kill 99% of everyday indoor air pollutants. Breathe Better & Live Healthier. The 3D Video shows how Wave Purifier detect the chemical pollutants that come from gases, cleansers, materials and the biological agents such as mold, viruses, pollen, dust mites and bacteria. Get Wave Purifier 3D video cost.


Now that we know what is the cost of a 3D video, let’s look at what is included in the 3D Video production package.

  • Script : A great script based on your inputs and brief is the starting point. You can write your own rough script but your video team should be able to refine it into narrative and visuals effectively.
  • Voice over – Based on the audience demographics for your video, you should look at receiving voice over samples. Select a suitable voice artist, you can provide instructions to customize vo delivery for the particular video.
  • Style – The script needs to be visualized with what would be the theme, colors, match your branding if any. Look for variations in visual style to make your video unique.
  • Storyboard – A simple yet powerful way of seeing how the video would flow, scene breakups etc.
  • Animation – The first draft of animation ties together voice over, storyboard and music effects. Suggest recommendations to make the video refined or look for elements that can be highlighted better.
  • Video release – Video release – Request for HD video in any format you need. Also available would be the raw files for future reference if needed, now it’s time to put the video into use.

Now as you know “What is the cost of a 3D video”, here are few other factors to consider. Business understanding and messaging, video production methodology, ease of working, experienced video team are some of the factors that cannot be overlooked against $. Making a wise choice in $ spent vs. output is what Advids suggests.

We look forward to hear your thoughts on “How much is the cost of a 3D video” article. Do read our upcoming article about How To Budget For Your 3D Video?

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