How Much Is The Price Of an Animation Production?

3D Animated VideoIf you are looking to use animation productions to give your business a boost, you will want to know all you can about their production. You will want to know the pricing of animation productions and how you can go about using them efficiently. This article ensures that you are guided through all your questions on animation production pricing and more! Read on to find out what exactly is ‘How Much is the Price of an Animation Production’ all about.

Advids suggests, a 60-second animation production pricing between $1,000–$5,000. The animation production pricing depends on style & scope of video production service. At Advids animation production pricing starts at $1,000 and is the only 100% money back guarantee animation production service available.

Meanwhile let us have a look at these 20 awesome Animation Production examples :

BCG Animation Production

The Boston Consulting Group presents smart processing technologies for financial institutions highlighting how these technologies can digitize the customer journey from initiation to servicing and fulfillment, enabling flawless and more efficient delivery with significantly lower operational risk. The animation production demonstrates how easy handling finances can be with the smart processing technologies.


Snow Solutions Animation Production

Snow Device Manager is a complete Enterprise Mobility Management solution that handles the full lifecycle of smartphones and tablets. It extends the high levels of control and oversight already applied to desktops, datacenters and cloud computing to mobile devices. Snow Solution’s animation production demonstrates their Device Manager as a complete enterprise mobility management solution that handles the full lifecycle of mobile devices. Get Snow Solutions animation production pricing.


ProQloud Animation Production

ProQloud is a new web-based service designed to make website construction and business management easy for creatives and studios. Your site will look great no matter what the device, proQloud has been built to work on all device platforms. ProQloud’s animation production incorporates the features and tool that the tool offers for their clients. Get ProQloud animation production pricing.


Foodpanda Animation Production

Foodpanda is a global mobile food delivery marketplace that allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via its mobile applications. Foodpanda processes and sends orders directly to partner restaurants, which then deliver to their customers. The service is available via its Iphone and android app. FoodPanda’s animation production gives you a gist about the functionality of the app and its convenience to order your favourite foods. Get Foodpanda animation production pricing.


Enghouse Interactive Animation Production

Enghouse Interactive’s business communication solution helps your people to collaborate more efficiently, work remotely and make every minute count. To ensure you get functionality, it looks at your whole business and designs a solution that meets your specific needs. The animation production introduces the features of the Enghouse Interactive.


SIKO Animation Production

SIKO’s robust and innovative measurement technology is being applied globally in industry and mechanical engineering. Providing design and measurement excellence SIKO is an industry leader. Idea behind animated product demo was to show how effective and precise their equipments are. SIKO’s animation production uses great camera effects and product in working motion. Get SIKO animation production pricing.


MailJet Animation Production

helps you automate a customer-centric email strategy. Their mission is to simplify email delivery and collaboration so customers can focus on growing their businesses. They make it easy for SMEs and enterprises alike to attract, engage and build relationships with their customers via email.MailJet’s animation production shows how MailJet helps you interact with your customers in a timely manner creating a successful email marketing strategy. Get MailJet animation production pricing.


HCP National Animation Production

HCP National is Total Risk Management Solutions for Self-Insured Employers.HCP provides outside experts: attorneys, HR, and actuaries, at no charge. HCP also lowers your fixed stop-loss costs with their quote, including immediate claims reimbursement; no out of pocket stop loss claims. HCP National’s animation production highlights the advantages of using HCP solutions. Get HCP National animation production pricing.


HEAT Animation Production

HEAT is a commercial IT Service Management Unified Endpoint Management software suite for IT, HR, Facilities, Customer Service and other enterprise functions to simplify and automate their business processes to improve service quality, while managing and securing endpoints to proactively detect and protect against threats to business continuity. It is a client-server application without a middle tier, no application server. HEAT’s animation production shows how using the their software can be used to form flexible, scalable and secure solutions. Get HEAT animation production pricing.


Doctor Assist Animation Production

Doctor Assist is an online clinic management solution that comes with online access features for better control and access by the management personnel to monitor the business activities from time to time. It serves as a secondary backup and also allows the business owner to track their business entity directly from phone while they are away. Doctor Assist is an ideal tool for the HQ to manage the document collectively from branches, such as payroll, billing and stock balance. DOctor Assist’s animation production shows how the platform can help you efficiently Increase patient care with confidence of practice accuracy. Get Doctor Assist animation production pricing.


Cardiograph Animation Production

Cardiograph is a mobile app which measures your heart rate. You can save your results for future reference and keep track of multiple people with individual profiles. Cardiograph uses your device’s built-in camera or dedicated sensor to calculate your heart’s rhythm. Cardiograph’s animation production communicates the ease with which you can keep a check on your health with this fantastic app. Get Cardiograph animation production pricing.


Akeneo Animation Production

Akeneo is an open source Product Information Management (PIM) system that helps companies to centralize and harmonize all the technical and marketing information of their catalogs and products. Akeneo PIM comes with a simple yet extensible import engine that will drastically facilitate your data onboarding processes. Akeneo’s animation production explains how organisation and classification of product data across an enterprise can be simplified. Get Akeneo animation production pricing.


Boomset Animation Production

Boomset is an integrated event management platform that’ll stop your planning and coordination headaches. With its convenient app, you can sync your event management apps all under one platform. It provides all the critical information needed at your fingertips. It lets you manage the event live, right in the app, by connecting your staff and coordinate on the fly. Boomset’s animation production shows how the event management platform can enhance your event management experience. Get Boomset animation production pricing.


CommGate Animation Production

CommGate is a leading IT Strategy, Consultancy and Implementation Partner for Small-Medium Enterprises. CommGate’s CRM system works complementary to the email applications with automatic email filtering and routing feature that automatically filters and routes to the right channel. CommGate’s animation production is sure to keep viewers intrigued while providing all the knowledge about it’s CRM Solution. Get CommGate animation production pricing.


Corporate Traveller Animation Production

Corporate Traveller offers a range of specialised business travel solutions and corporate travel management services to make your travel faster, cheaper and greener. Their industry and group specialisation means clients receive expert advice and service that is tailored to suit their needs. This animation production shows how, Corporate Traveller helps to self manage your business travel program with a wide range of intuitive online booking tools. Get Corporate Traveller animation production pricing.


Unycare Healthcare Animation Production

Unycare is a digital healthcare delivery platform from Neobric that can deploy to multiple healthcare delivery scenarios, and allow sponsors to join the grid for seamless movement of patient records and engagement using unified communication and collaboration tools. With distinctive solutions that scale across primary, secondary and tertiary care scenarios, Unycare also addresses privacy and security around record management and authorization. Unycare Healthcare’s animation production shows how the platform’s open ended architecture allows for quick integrations to existing EMRs and patient or hospital management systems. Get Unycare Healthcare animation production pricing.


Skyward Animation Production

Skyward’s school management system provides integrated student, finance and human resources software package that lets districts manage student progress, annual budget, employee pay, and even food service from a single centralized database. Comprised of their school business suite and student management suite, Skyward’s school management system offers unrivaled integration signifying a new era in administrative software. Skyward’s animation production shows the school management system can help you proactively manage school activities by combining and simplifying workflows from different sources into one platform. Get Skyward animation production pricing.


Neurored SCM Animation Production

Neurored provide eBusiness applications for global trade, procurement, supply chain management and logistics by leveraging Cloud Computing and Big Data technologies. It provides Powerful tools for container track & trace, vessel tracking and truck Neurored’s animation production explains how they can increase organization’s efficiency by synchronizing sourcing operations and logistics operations. Get Neurored SCM animation production pricing.


Now that we know what is the pricing of an animation production, let’s look at what is included in the animation production package.

  • Script – The first step of a great animation production is a great script. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of story for your video! While you can write your own rough script, make sure your video team can refine it into the narrative and visuals effectively.
  • Voice over – Your voice over must support the overall tone of your video and also gel with your target audience. With the right voiceover, which is customized to meet your needs, you have a winner!
  • Style – The script needs to be visualized with what would be the theme, colors, match your branding if any. Look for variations in visual style to make your video unique
  • Storyboard – A simple yet powerful way of seeing how the video would flow, scene breakups etc.
  • Animation – The first draft of animation ties together voice over, storyboard and music effects. Suggest recommendations to make the video refined or look for elements that can be highlighted better.
  • Video release – Request for HD video in any format you need. Also available would be the raw files for future reference if needed, now it’s time to put the video into use.

While you are doing your best to find out the pricing of animation production, it is also essential to look at other parameters related to a animation production. One must pay attention to the the video production methodology, the experience of the video team, business understanding etc. At Advids, we suggest making a prudent choice while keeping in mind the amount of money you are spending and the quality of campaign output.

We look forward to hear your thoughts on “How much is the price of a animation production” article. Do read our upcoming article about How To Budget For Your Animation Production?

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